Josephine Lange has been a musician for thirty years and an actor for twenty.

She studied classical piano and violin before studying performance making at the John Bolton Theatre School.

After graduating, Josephine began to combine music and acting to create theatre and compositions that are intimate, expressive and moving. Her soundscapes are evocative and transportive.

She is currently collaborating with Geelong based installation artist Ingrid Petterson. They were recently commissioned to create an art circle for the 2016 extreme art walk “Mouth to Mountain”. They have also created and curated a trilogy of works entitled Growing Pains.

Most recently, Josephine exhibited her work in Ubu Gallery, Geelong as part of the factory2 art collaboration SSSSh.

Josephine is a founding member of the Melbourne theatre group Company Thirteen. She has co-devised, performed and composed music for their highly successful productions of Spit, D.E.A.D, Grimm and The Hunter. The Hunted.

As an actor, her most recent solo performance was the Green Room nominated show Her Secret Face, which had two critically acclaimed seasons in Melbourne.

Josephine worked with Back to Back’s workshop and training programme, Theatre of Speed as Musical Director for their performance of Frankenstein in 2012. She also composed the music for their production of Mermaid in 2013.

Josephine was Musical Director and musician for the final year presentation of the 2009 VCA drama students adaptation of The Masque of the Red Death.

She was also Musical Director for the 2006 National Theatre’s graduating student’s performance of Mother Courage.