Josephine Lange has been a musician for thirty years and an actor for twenty.

After graduating from The John Bolton Theatre School, Josephine began to combine music and acting to create theatre and compositions that are intimate, expressive and moving. Her soundscapes are evocative and transportive.

Josephine has been been commissioned for numerous artistic projects including:

The Wool Museum’s Scarf Festival in 2018

scarf festival image


Geelong’s annual extreme art walk “Mouth to Mountain”.



Collaborating with local artists, Josephine has been exhibited in galleries in and around Geelong. Ingrid Petterson exhibited her fierce sound poem trilogy “Growing Pains” at Geelong’s ‘Women of the Night’ Festival.



Josephine has worked extensively composing music for theatre. She has worked with with Back to Back’s workshop and training programme Theatre of Speed, The Victorian College of the Arts and The National Theatre.

She composed the opening music for Kate Hunter Theatre Productions in the Melbourne Festival of Light and Art show “Earshot”.



Josephine is a founding member of the Melbourne theatre group Company Thirteen. She has co-devised, performed and composed music for their highly successful productions of Spit, D.E.A.D, Grimm and The Hunter. The Hunted.