scarf festival image The National Wool Museum Scarf Festival 2018. Exhibition sound design.

IMG_4951  Animal. Composed for Geelong’s Exchange Conference 2017


IMG_4875    They Cannot Be Gone. From the upcoming album ‘Songs from the Shadows’


imgp8948    My Heart Falters. ‘SSSSh’ installation with Factory2  Ubu Gallery, 2016


img_4414    Opening track to EarshotFOLA 2016


img_4784     Autumn. Fyansford Festival, 2016


DSCF3975    Beasts.  ‘The Hunter. The Hunted.’ Company 13 production, La Mama 2016




Sound installation M-M extreme arts walk. Drysdale 2016


img_4627      Reckless. “Growing Pains” trilogy. Installation collaboration with Ingrid Petterson. Geelong 2015


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